Another day wasted

My body told me I am not to try anything outrageous after 11pm. I didn't pay attention. Hash browns at 3am... have not done that since good ole college times. And today I'm paying the painful price. I'm totally exhausted.

I had a long list of stuff that I needed to get done on saturday, so that I can spend sunday doing laundry and laying out by the pool while waiting for the laundry. Apparently that's not gonna happen now. Spent my entire saturday in a daze, though did I managed to muster out enough energy to take care of some huge ass task.

My bed is beckoning me. I need to give him some TLC time. Please let it be saturday still when I wake up. Yeah right.

Lil' lizzie

I was blog surfing this morning and one of the stlbloggers member has an extremely hilarious blog story. It's the Friday, Sept 13, 2002 post. I can't figure out the permalink so if it's not longer the latest blog, you'll just have to scroll down to find it. Enjoy!

Stupid Spam

Guess what I got in my many spam emails today, this: You Can Be Taller - At Any Age. When you're tall, people look up to you. Rise above generics. Works for adults!

Apparently the target marketing worked. They got the right audience, me. I barely clear 5' 3 1/2" with heels, and stand at about 5'1" with my comfy flats. I wonder how these people got my email address, come to think of it, the only time I bought petite clothings online was from Banana Republic.

But geesh, would being short make me an inferior person? No! Why would I want to change my height? Ya know, the more I think of it the more infuriated I get. This email falls along the same line as those enlarge your penis, boost your boobs spam mails. I am offended. Now fuck off and stop sending me spam mail.