This is so-and-so

Miss Beauty Contest Winner of 1975 ...

I was in a class today for Asian Cross-Cultural training. Even though I am from the region, I find myself learning a whole bunch of new things. For instance, in Philippines, every woman is expected to join and win a beauty pageant at least once in her lifetime. In fact, when you are at social events, you are very often introduced and referred to as the beauty contest winner of such-and-such pageant -- even if you are 45 years old! Can you imagine?

A: "Mr. X, I'd like you to meet Ms. Y, the Cebu Beauty Pageant Champion!"

X: "How interesting ... which year?"

Sorry, but Ms. Soon is fully booked for this week.

Just got out of a staff utilization meeting first thing monday morning. We sat down with the resource manager and hashed out all the projects and the clients that need to be taken care of for the entire week. It dawned on me that I do have a plateful of stuff to get done this week. Been slacking off the last week or two, and now it's coming back and bite me. Eeek.

Even my after work time are fully scheduled:

Monday: Going to the Wine Bar, Remy's, in Clayton. Which explains why I'm all dressed up for work today. Don't think I'll have time to go home and change after work.

Tuesday: It's the St. Louis Web Dev monthly meeting. They're going to talk about blogs this week. I wonder what they'll say about it. Hmmm.

Wednesday: Blog meetup is today. Hopefully I'll get to meet more bloggers from the St. Louis area. Don't RSVP if you don't plan on showing up. I hate disappoinments.

Thursday: I will be doing something kinda fun, and it's all about fast cars

Friday: I initially planned to head out after lunch - will be driving to Louisville, meet up with Holly, and then drive on to Lexington for a 4 aunties weekend. But I found out last week that we have a big ass meeting at 2-3.30pm that I have to go to :( . So I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that I'll get out before rush hour traffic.

This week will fly by, I'm sure, but it sure is a good change of pace for me.