Where the heart is

I'm away at Torrance, CA... where half the people I worked with wished they were here instead of me.

But I get to getaway from the cold in St.Louis and bask myself in 75+ degree weather.

I'm sitting at my hotel room mahogany desk, sipping evian, checking emails, enjoying my laptop and broadband connection, and all I want, right now, is to be back there, where the familiar faces are.

I spotted a bumper sticker tonight that said "Well-behaved women rarely make history." For some reason, that spurred the singular in me (not that I was going to suddenly misbehave tonight or anything). Thus, I decided on my way home from the gym that I would be brave tonight and have dinner by myself in Joseph Beth Booksellers. I have never had to and never felt that I would be brave enough to ask for a table for one, but tonight when the host/waiter greeted me, I was apparently very proud to declare that I was alone. In hindsight, I think he assumed that I was there alone and didn't ask me the party-of? question. But I volunteered that information anyway, with a big smile on my face. :) The fettucini wasn't all that great, but the reading in a cafe by myself with food and coke nearby was spectacular. I had just purchased "Shopgirl" by Steve Martin for this experience, and the book started out as wonderful as the ambience in the cafe. A couple of times, I giggled by myself at the comic of the book ... and realized that I was missing out on a huge part of life because I've always assumed I wouldn't be brave enough to do something like this, or that this was the un-cool thing to do.

(By the way, Mike had to go out with coworkers again tonight, but today he called 3 times to update me on the status of his homecoming, with the last call advising me to not wait up for him tonight. At least he learned his lesson.)

I had a great time being "single" tonight. I think I'll do it again tomorrow, only I'll have dinner at home and then go hang out at Starbucks with my book and a nice cup o' hot chocolate. Toasty ....

Hmmm ... for some reason, I'm particularly write-y tonight. Maybe I'll just print all of this out and put it in my journal and call it a day. :)