Kitty Prozac

A month ago, my apartment started stinking really bad. We also noticed that our shoe cabinet and the couch had a really bad pee smell. I found out just last Monday that my cat had been spraying on the furniture. Apparently, it's a behavioral thing -- Forrest is stressed out about something. I am curious as to what a cat could possibly be stressed out about ... eat, sleep, eat more, worry about the UN arms inspection in Iraq ... He could just be mad at me for something, but for goodness sake ... he's a cat!!! Anyway, we're now locking him up in the second bedroom while we try to un-stink the couch (we had to throw the shoe cabinet out). Coz if we don't un-stink the couch, he'll continue to spray there (ala marking his territory). I'm extremely worried now, because we're planning on getting new furniture. And I can't take the risk of my cat spraying all over my new furniture, I'd be so heart broken. We will probably end up giving Forrest away. Sad as it sounds, when a pet starts to cause heartache and heartbreak, it's just gotta go.

I was watching the movie SLC Punk tonight. Although much of it is a documentary of a group of punk rock friends and their lives, I find it rather entertaining, and very thought provoking.

Thought Provoking Question: If the you today meet the you 12, 14, 16 years ago, what would you tell him/her?

I'm still thinking about my answer, but thought I post the question first.

Having fun with the brake lights?

I had a rather amusing time this morning on the road getting to work. There was a blue Ford Taurus SE in front of me the whole time, and for some reason kept hitting the brakes. It was like "brake ... brake, brake, brak-braaaaaake ... braaaaake, brake, brake ..." -- you get the gist. There was absolutely no reason to keep hitting the brakes like that, I probably braked less than 15 times throughout my drive to work. Hence, I decided to count the number of times this person braked, using a benchmark -- from the Versailles Rd exit to the Georgetown Rd exit, for those of you who know Lexington. Mr./Ms. 296 GTW braked 79 times. I am dumbfounded -- simply dumbfounded.

Fried vs. Freez

I'm sitting here checking some local St. Louis news website, and realized that the high today was only in the low 40s with gusty winds and windchills.

But, this morning, in Torrance, I was burning up. Suz and I decided to walk to this little breakfast place round the corner from the Marriot, and then we walked the rest of the way to my company's Torrance office. My forehead was glistening when I got there.

Turned out that today is one of the hottest day. It hit 91 degree in Long Beach!!! Goodness, in the middle of november.

I'll have that 40+ degree weather to look forward to tomorrow when I fly back into St. Louis at night.