A Memorial Day

Nobody really talked to me today about Sept. 11, and I didn't do anything today to pay tribute either, so I just felt the compulsion to blog about it. I think we all remember that day vividly, even after a whole year has passed. I know I do. I had never felt so affected by the tragedy of people that I didn't know personally. I remember waking up the next morning on Sept 12 and thinking that it was such a surreal experience, like it almost didn't happen or it was in a movie or a dream. Then I'd turn on the TV and the radio, and it just sinks in during my half-asleep stupor that it all did happen. I remember driving to work on the 12th, and hearing the Braveheart version of Amazing Grace in bagpipes, and I heard stories about all the handicap people in the buildings who couldn't fit in the stairwells, and they were just trapped, and so many other personal stories, and I cried all the way to work.

And because I worked at an airpark, all the planes had been grounded the day before, and the job site was completely shut down. I didn't just go back to the office the next day and carry on like before...my work environment changed completely. We were trying to do construction work at the airport, but all of a sudden all the rules we understood and worked by were all thrown up in the air, and there was a sense of danger at every corner. We immediately had to implement new procedures to track all 11,000 contractors on site because of the new FAA regulations that were written overnight, and the security processes we had to implement were very painful. Totally slowed our work down, and bogged down everything we did, it was one of the most difficult times for us. But yet, we had no right to complain because we were all alive. And I'd see planes everywhere coming from odd angles, and imagine that they were going to crash into our hub. I'd drive by a Boeing 757 or a 767 in my golf cart, and the entire scene would look completely different to me than it did before, like giant amazing birds turned into deadly weapons.

Well, there is just so much I could talk about, but that's a snapshot of what I remember from a year ago. Who could have ever imagined something like that could happen, and affect us so deeply in so many different ways...