Finally signed the papers and got two sets of new keys for my new apartment. The new place will provide mucho storage space for my endless pair of shoes, (speaking of shoes, Pearly, we need to talk), my winter jackets, and dusty old books from my college years.

I've also figure out what to do with my I-don't-think-it's-gonna-fit-through-the-door red couch. Instead of letting it be my problem, I've hired movers to move it. So now it's their problem. Hehehe. I believe I have master the art of delegation. All I need to do is pack most of my stuff, and my three 'genie' will disasemble and move all the big-item furnitures, and reasemble it at the new apartment.

This will cost me mucho bling bling, but I believe it'll be worth it. In the heat of St. Louis summer, I need all the help I can buy.

The best birthday weekend!

What a great weekend this has been! It all started Friday night when Diana arrived at about 8:30pm. With no directions, the Chaturbate girl managed to find my place by memory. *kow tow to you, Diana* Since she hadn't had dinner yet, we headed out to Mr. Wok to get some Hu Tieu Soup to bring home to eat. Then Angeline arrived at about 10:30pm, and immediately asked for her Yong Chow fried rice (with an extra egg). We slept rather early that night after Diana finished doing her laundry, because the very next day we were supposed to wake up at 8am.

We all get up on early Saturday morning and got ready to go climbing. Obviously the girls didn't know what they were signing up for, because they were happily preparing the spam sandwiches and grapes and getting all dressed up in athletic clothes. :) We arrived at the Red River Gorge rest area at about 10:15am, and met up with a few climbers. Left Flank (scroll down to Left Flank Rehab Project) was the climbing area we were going to head to that morning. So off we go, hiking there ... and then the girls saw what they signed up to do. I believe a couple eyes widened and jaws dropped to the ground. "You expect me to climb this?!" "Yes." "BUT THIS IS VERTICAL!!!" I enjoyed myself immensely. ;) *evil chuckle*. After Sam finished the lead, Diana top-roped the 5.8 climb first. Being the very careful and cautious girl she was, she took a while to climb it, but nonetheless finished it. *I'm so proud of you girl!!* :) I went next and was pretty pleased that I did not fall. Angeline went next, and completely surprised us. This risk-taker scaled the rock about as quickly as I did (and I've been climbing for a year now). She finished it too, I'm so proud of her.

I always get nervous when I think about climbing. As I'm typing now, the palms of my hands are sweating ... the girls sure got a good dose of adrenaline rush. :)

We get back that afternoon and absolutely collapsed on the bed, the couch, anything. Arms were aching, abs were hurting, bruises were a-swelling ... Mike made it all better with some home-cooked nasi lemak, asam fish head and red bean soup that night, and the 4 of us had a good dinner with some jazz music in the Live Jasmin background. Then we decided we wouldn't let the day conquer us, so we headed to Meijer to do some cosmetics shopping. :) You have to admit that we are a pretty tough bunch.

This morning, again ... arms were aching, abs were a hurting, bruises were a-swelling. Angeline did her laundry, and we headed to Bella Notte for some lunch and peach bellinis (the aunties' favorite mixed drink). An hour later, we went to the mall for some shopping and to walk lunch off. At about 4pm, it was time for the aunties to go home. :_( Hugs and thank yous ... and then Angeline gave me my birthday present ... another shopping expedition to Ann Taylor or Loft!! *bounce* :) I didn't expect anything since it was already good enough of a birthday present that they agreed to let me torture them through climbing, but nonetheless ... THANK YOU!!!

so it's back to the real world. Laundry is a-running, dinner is a-cooking ... at least the apartment is still clean and I don't have to clean it. *phew* I get to sit back and relax, watch some TV, fold some clothes, and get ready for the week. I still get to look forward to Mike's birthday present for me this Thursday, so I have to say this is been a major high for me ... the aunties coming, getting gifts, shopping, more gifts coming ... ahhhhh ... life is good. :) Once again, MAJOR KUDOS to the aunties for being such a good sport at climbing!!! :) *hugs & muakz*

There was another interesting discovery about our personalities, but I'll let Angeline blog about that. Holly, we missed you. I hope you're feeling better.

The wait will soon be over

It's friday, my bag is packed, car is fed, CDs are loaded, and I'm so ready for the road trip after a long week. All that's left is for the clock to strike 3.30pm and I will be zipping out of St. Louis. Yeah, 3.30pm because we're having our first anniversary staff meeting (since the merger) at 2.00pm, just my luck.

I was up till 2-ish last night just packing my bag, cleaning up, and watching cam girls TV. Still, I have that sunken feeling I've forgotten something. Oh wait, towels, and razors. Crap. Oh well, gotta run out to Kohl's during lunch time then. Ooooh, they have a Sonics there too. Ooooh. I know what I'm gonna have for lunch now: Coney Dog.

Reminder to self: things I need to get before I leave: towels, razors, Mocha Frapp, bottle of water.


Housecleaning day

I don't know if I'm looking forward to tonight or not. Today is Mike's first day of french classes in Cincinnati with the Alliance Francaise, so he left real early for work this morning, and probably won't be back until 9+pm tonight. And I've intentionally left all the housework to be done tonight, so that my aunties will get to enjoy a clean house. So once I get back from work, it's clean the bathroom, vacuum the carpet, wipe the furniture, prepare the bedrooms, clear away anything I don't want the aunties to see *snicker*, and get some groceries for our climbing expedition on Saturday. Sigh ... it's going to be a looooong day. But at least I know that once it's all over, I will be extremely happy because the aunties will be over the very next day!! *bounce*

Cleaning done!

Finally, after 3 hours of cleaning, I'm done. Woohoo! The carpets are clean, the bathroom is spick and span, and my cat is smelling nice once again. I'm now ready for the aunties to come, as well as some KFC that Mike is gonna bring home for the both of us ... mmmmm *stomach growling*

Starbucks off of S. Hanley and Wydown in Clayton

ost of the RSVP-ed did show up, which was quite surprising, but it turned out to be an interesting night. I wanted to meet these people because I read about their lifes almost everyday (or whatever they let known to the jasminelive public). Christy was a riot! She was hilarious, the stories she would tell, and people would just burst out laughing! We've decided to see if we can secure Culpeppers in the central west end for our next meetup. It's a nice night to sit out and have such a diverse company to hang out with.

ps. I took some pictures, but the digital camera is with Ryan now. Hopefully he'll upload them soon.

Just when I thought I was going to have a smooth week and take half day off on friday, I was 'over-booked' with overlapped and back-to-back meetings till friday at 3.30pm. I wanted to leave early to go to the blog meetup, so I guess I have to upload all my remaining work stuff to my FTP server and work from home tonight. Hopefully it won't put a damper on my mood.

It's gonna be a good day

My day ended well last night. Nothing like chatting with friends (muaks, Pearly!) and snuggling into bed to mark the end of an exhausting day. I did, however, wake up in the middle of the night with a weird dream, but I can't remember any of that now.

Woke up this morning feeling exceptionally fine. I'm starting my day off with a nice shower, some scrambled eggs and a mountain dew (just in case, hehehe). Today is going to be a good day.

This is how tired I am now...

I needed to shake of the lunch coma, so Helen and I decided to walk across the street to the cafeteria and get some coffee.

Guess what? I fell down the last three steps of the stairs. That's how exhausted I am. I'm sure my butt is in a lovely shade of blue/green/grey now.


Lunch coma. Attacking.

Gotta fight. Gotta keep eyes open.

Here it comes. A yawn!

Sigh. Snore.

A rich guy, a rock star, a loving married couple, two out-of-towners, two geeks.

Went to a wine bar called Remy's after work last night. I didn't know what to expect, since I have not been anything like this before. Stopped by at Culpepper's and Michael's to meet up with couple of friends before hand, and my head was already buzzing (no thanks to the Captain and Coke) before we even got to Remy's.

Fat-Bastard was the red wine we ordered at our table. I don't know if I like it all that much, it wasn't quite sweet enough for my taste. But the cheese and the dinner were delicious. I had Halibut - pretty good. But Julie who sat next to me had this delicious tenderloin steak, I was basically eyeing that piece of meat the entire night.

We then have wine flakes edited: wine flights. (I think that's what it's called - small glasses of wine for taste testing). The 6 grapes port was really good. I don't quite care for the other two. But they're all red.

It was a good night out. These people are a riot to hang out with. I can't remember when was the last time I had so much fun on a mundane night, ooops, I mean monday night.